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Fiber Optics Service Ventura (fiber)

Fiber optic cables carry internet, voice and video simultaneously over a single strand of optical fiber using modulated light instead of electricity.

  • Higher bandwidth than copper
  • Long distance? No problem
  • Fast speeds
Ventura Ethernet Services

With Ethernet you get more bandwidth for your dollar. Don’t let employee productivity suffer due to slow internet access. Advantage Telecom is able to give you dedicated internet access, providing speeds from 1,000 Mpbs.

This extremely reliable service is ideal for offices that need to send files, host data or video content, or where remote access is required. If your business needs faster uploads for hosting data for your employees, customers or suppliers, Ethernet is for you. Accelerate your internet experience and increase employee productivity with Ethernet today!

Delivered over copper pairs

Features symmetrical data rates and faster transmission

This technology enables faster data transmission, so your employees can be more productive

Dual platform which offers redundancy

Supports high bandwidths with fine granularity

Reliable line offered very inexpensively

Future-proof transport for data, video and voice applications

The most effective infrastructure for data services

Ethernet scales in small increments

Distance limitations

High speed dedicated connection

High Speed T1

T1 provides a dedicated, reliable high-speed internet connection as well as converged voice and data traffic in 1.544 Mbps increments. In order to provide additional bandwidth, a method called “bonding” is used to combine 2 or more T1′s together which also provides redundancy.  If one T1 should fail, the data is automatically routed to the back-up circuit. Need a Point-to-Point solution to securely transfer your business’ voice and data traffic? We provide a dependable and reliable solution that you can depend on. Advantage Telecom provides T1 access reliably and also offers pricing that can’t be beat!

High-speed dedicated connection – 1.544 Mbps (download & upload)

24 channels at 64Kbps for inbound and outbound calls.

No distance limitations

Advantage Telecom’s T-1 can support up to 40-50 people on the phone

Quality of Service (QoS) is built in the system to guarantee voice quality. This means voice takes priority over data

Can bond 2 T-1′s together, in order to get a robust 3 Mbps product which also creates redundancy

Used for voice, data or both voice and data (integrated)

Ethernet over Copper (EOC)

Ethernet over Copper is delivered over copper wires and does not require expensive fiber build outs.  The reliability is the same as a T1 , and with multiple pairs of copper it may even be more reliable. When a single pair goes down, you do not lose the whole connection.

Ethernet over copper cabling is made up of twisted telephone wire

Very affordable!

Consistent connection for the user

Ability to interface with private networking, such as  an existing WAN, MPLS, or VPN network.

Can also support SIP, PRI, analog, and hosted PBX voice services