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High Speed T1

T1 provides a dedicated, reliable high-speed internet connection as well as converged voice and data traffic in 1.544 Mbps increments. In order to provide additional bandwidth, a method called “bonding” is used to combine 2 or more T1′s together which also provides redundancy.  If one T1 should fail, the data is automatically routed to the back-up circuit. Need a Point-to-Point solution to securely transfer your business’ voice and data traffic? We provide a dependable and reliable solution that you can depend on. Advantage Telecom provides T1 access reliably and also offers pricing that can’t be beat!

High-speed dedicated connection – 1.544 Mbps (download & upload)
24 channels at 64Kbps for inbound and outbound calls.
Advantage Telecom’s T-1 can support up to 40-50 people on the phone
Used for voice, data or both voice and data (integrated)
No distance limitations
Quality of Service (QoS) is built in the system to guarantee voice quality. This means voice takes priority over data
Can bond 2 T-1′s together, in order to get a robust 3 Mbps product which also creates redundancy