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Address: Las Vegas, Nevada

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Business Solutions

As a communications provider, we understand that reliable telephone and internet services are the foundation to a successful and productive business. This is why we focus exclusively on businesses and make sure that you can always get in touch with your customers and that customers can always reach you.

At Advantage Telecom our philosophy is simple: We think you should get the most for your money. That is why our products and services provide exactly the flexibility, reliability, and affordability that you would expect from your communications partner. Whether you’re a small start-up or a growing business, we have the right solution to fit your company’s needs. Advantage Telecom provides communications services that gives you internet access and local and long distance phone service using our own robust voice and data network.

Voice Services: – Advantage Telecom uses the latest technology in telecommunications, giving our customers next generation products and services to control all voice traffic. Our robust network incorporates QoS (Quality of Service) and voice takes priority over all data traffic, ensuring crystal clear voice quality.

Local Phone Service: – Advantage Telecom’s local phone service gives you reliable, clear phone connections and we offer extremely competitive local calling rates and plans. When you switch to Advantage Telecom’s local phone service, no one inside or outside your business will be able to tell the difference. You keep your same phone numbers and you’ll get the reliability, clarity and advanced calling features you expect.

Long Distance Phone Service: – Take the mystery out of your monthly bill. Advantage Telecom helps you control your domestic long distance calling costs and also offers monthly minute plans in order to cover all of your calling needs. Even if you use more than your allocated minutes, you’ll pay competitive, flat rates which are billed to the nearest 6-second increment. If your business demands it, you can add more domestic monthly long distance minutes to your package, helping you keep your monthly bills consistent and predictable. With Advantage Telecom, you’ll never have to figure out complicated rate structures or pay additional fees for domestic long distance phone service. We also offer competitive international rates to more than 250 countries worldwide.